A tribute to the my elders, my family and the past.

Otherwise there's nothing here but what you see. But take a moment, maybe there is more.

If you need to find me, inhale the ocean and I'll be all around you.

...or just email me.

Amache Water Tower provided by Densho.org

Amache Water Tower, courtesy of Densho.org on behalf of the Wada and Homma Family Collection. Taken in 1944

My elders endured being illegally prisoned here in 1942, processed through Santa Anita Track and engulfed in inhumane conditions.

Work only matters if you're willing to inspire others for good, and for the advancement of the human race, and all things around

and that's the values that Omega Ortega and Kuromatsu is for.

My heart and souls, my wife and my children. They keep me going. I will leave that as my last note for now.

Everything on this experience means something, represents something. I can tell you what that is, but I'll leave you be.

Just showing you I was here.

There may be more in the future, but right now some storms are invisible.

the front iceberg, all 100% handrawn in illustrator the hard way
the back iceberg, all 100% handrawn in illustrator the hard way